Training in military gear

Along with the X-Vest I was looking at, I also came across something about compression shirts and shorts.  Apparently these also help posture; but more importantly, reduce injury.  Compression shirts and shorts work by compressing the muscles, causing them to heat up and stay warm; cold muscles and tendons pull and tear, but warm ones stretch easily.

More completely, compression clothing compresses against your body like spandex, helping to hold your posture; keeping your muscles warm; and causing a wick effect to get sweat off your body.  All of these effects improve athletic performance–my ukemi could use this–and reduce the risk of injury by pulled muscles.  Tight-fit material and removal of sweat also prevents chaffing or other friction-based injury to the surface of the skin, which can lead to bacterial infection but I don’t really have to worry about that part.

I saw Nike and Under Armour brand compression uniforms, with Under Armour holding most well known brand; however, the Zensah stuff holds my interest right now.  Zensah makes seamless tactical compression clothing for military armed forces; their material uses a patented (meaning only they can make it, not that it’s actually any good) weave and also has silver ions (elemental silver) embedded in the material to improve heat transfer (i.e. heat spreading).  This looks like extremely high-quality stuff; they developed it specifically for military special forces, and it winds up getting used by law enforcement and athletes too.

I will probably go with a Zensah short sleeve seamless compression shirt to help improve my posture and keep me from getting injured from my ukemi.  If I like it I’ll pick up some compression shorts too to complete the set-up.  This might supplement the X-Vest, though I will pick that up some time in the future.


~ by John Moser on November 4, 2007.

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