Stock Market Woes

Ugh, the market’s taken a dive lately.  So far my growth sits at -16%; a lot of new investors would panic and start selling now, but I think I’ll just wait.  It has to come back eventually!

If I had more money I’d buy more stock now actually.  The stuff’s cheap!  Buy it cheap, if you lose money buy it even cheaper, and when it comes back you make that much more.  Obviously you don’t want to invest in any dying companies or failed efforts (i.e. Ford trying to reorganize but unions trying to not let them do it… if a company mortgages 100% of its assets in lieu of an actual intelligent business strategy, back off and watch for a while); but market forces forcing stock down across an entire sector really gove you a great opportunity.  Don’t sell off immediately; if you lost already, just ride it out.  Mind you, I really do prefer longer term investments, which handle this better than short-term growth strategies.

The dip on IMB seems to have started to shake off today; it’s spiked twice up to +4% already, so some growth might actually start happening.  After the months of continuous decline, this rocky movement just shows the stock won’t simply fall to oblivion; somebody over there knows what to do to fix their current financial troubles.  AAPL, MSFT, and NOVL however have taken a small drop so far.  I still expect some good growth by the year’s end.


~ by John Moser on November 9, 2007.

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