Holy crap AAPL dropping!

Well it looks like I took a bad bet on AAPL, which so far fell $25/share since I got it!  $11.61 just today, damn.  IMB went up 10 cents today though, with a number of stocks in the financial sector following its behavior.  I really want to diversify my financial sector portfolio some; I might have to wait until next year to do that though.

I have an itching inclination to ditch some stuff and re-balance my portfolio but I want to hold these a bit longer term to see how they fair first.  AAPL has a tablet coming out, and MSFT seems like it may just stay stable until Vista starts picking up in 5 years.  IMB I’ve got to keep for the dividend pay through December at least; if it continues to fair stably I’ll hold onto it longer.  Now I know why newbies ditch stocks so fast….


~ by John Moser on November 12, 2007.

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