List of shit that’s wrong with the world

I don’t care to introduce the subject in some vague way.  We have ripened our world to turn into a 1984-style oligarchy, and willingly relinquish our rights.

If you wanted to systematically break down peoples’ rights, what would you do?  Me, I’d convince them that their ‘rights’ didn’t exist, first off.  Convince them that they don’t want their rights, and they will give them away willingly.

Let’s start here:  you have no right to child pornography.  More basically, we need to protect people from predatory men hunting after 13 year old girls; it’s been almost 200 years since we married 25-30 year old men to 12-14 year old girls and had them make babies immediately, so only sick fucks would be interested in a 15 year old girl when they’re 19.  Because of this, you need to be arrested and jailed for child pornography.

I witnessed a court trial for a man who molested a young girl once.  Not violently, just did things he shouldn’t have done.  Besides gathering evidence, the judge began taunting the defendant with invasive, personal questions, asking him why he does the things he does or why he feels the way he feels; the man on trial was visibly shaken, in fact he looked like he was being psychologically tortured in front of the mass of people in court.  Fitting for someone who’s no more than a disgusting creature, not really much of  a person.

We know how important it is to protect our society from these evil people, hence why child pornography is illegal.  You have to touch children in bad ways to make the stuff, right?  That’s got to be stopped.  And, watching it is just as bad as doing it.  Anyone who looks at this stuff or simply possesses it should be treated just like a rapist, because that’s all they are.

At least that’s the theory.

It’s a hard theory to argue with, but only by conditioning.  If I try to put together a rationalization, I start coming up with dead ends and thoughtcrime.  I mean, if it’s bad to possess evidence of a crime, it must be bad to think about the crime; possession is irrelevant, we should be able to arrest you for wanting to possess–or wanting to do!–in this context.  But that’s ridiculous, we know we’re all of higher caliber than that.

Or are we?

A few things on Slashdot have brought up some interesting answers to that question.  For example, apparently there’s no need for minors depicted in child pornography to actually exist.  This came into light from a child pornography and obscenity case in the US referencing the PROTECT Act; along with that, a case about a pornographic cartoon ripping off The Simpsons went through the same way in Australia.  No one has yet tried attacking porn of Gauge or any other 25-year-old porn actress that looks like a 14 year old and is portrayed that way on purpose; but someone got hit for child pornography for GIMPing young girls’ heads onto naked women’s bodies.  Yes, that’s right:  copy a 14 year old’s head and past it onto a 24 year old’s naked body, and you too can be guilty of possessing kiddy porn!

We get to jump at thoughtcrime like this because we as a society have decided that child pornography is the most horrible evil possible.  We don’t even think of molestation when we hear about these things; we just think, “Holy shit, this evil sub-human monster had pictures of naked kids!  He needs to be tortured to death, slowly, by anal rape with a spiked sandpaper horse cock!”  We’re so jumpy, we charge 15 year olds for producing and distributing child pornography because they took pictures of themselves with their cell phones.  Because of course, so-called children (teens are neither children nor adults, sorry; there’s no innocence and no malice here) need to be charged as horribly evil child pornographers and have a sex offender registry entry created just for them.

I’ve seen child pornography cases have additional charges for possession of obscene material (that would be the one with Japanese hentai porn).  This is a lot more explicit:  by “obscene” we mean “we think you are a sick fuck, and you are going to jail for it you gross bastard.”  Eventually we should be able to jail people for having bondage porn, or … ugh I don’t want to think about this.  There’s some nasty stuff out there.  Personally I think that’s your business, but apparently we can jail you for it.

The next step, of course, is to appeal to the racism card.  Many countries have laws against “hate speech” to prevent you from saying nasty things about Jews or Muslims or whoever else.  This seems civil:  we wouldn’t want another Hitler, and the KKK is full of assholes, so all of this should be suppressed.  Looks good, right?

After that, we can probably make the assumption that “extremist views” are offensive.  If you’re loud, annoying, irritable, and pushing an extreme agenda, you are probably willing to kill people or at least ignore the rest of us for this crap.  Thus, you are instantly a terrorist, and we can arrest you.

Actually, “extremist views” is very close to “political dissent.”  How dare you criticize your country?  You must hate America, and want to kill all Americans or violently take over the Government.  We must arrest you, for the safety of the people!

Do you see it yet?  It’s slow, it takes decades, maybe even a hundred years; but over time it works.  Guns are bad, btw; turn yours in today!  I mean seriously, what possible political implications could that have?  You wouldn’t raise arms against your own government anyway; you’d by definition be guilty of high treason.


~ by John Moser on June 26, 2009.

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